Ranjit Menon

Freelance Designer
Helsinki / Mumbai
I am an archive enthusiast and interaction designer - I like to engage with creative reuse and remix of heritage material and content. I have been working on creative
reuse of archive projects since 2015 and have presented in an assortment of open GLAM events such as Europeana culture jam in Vienna 2016. I use Creative Commons content frequently as a video editor and experimental musician. In 2021 I designed and built my own interactive heritage electronic audio with various Indian mantras inside: http://fabacademy.org/2020/labs/kochi/students/ranjit-menon/projects/final-project/ - this helped me to explore the overlap of digital fabrication with cultural heritage.

I have recently engaged with long lost archives from the E.A.T (Experiments in Arts and Technology 1960s-70s) that I stumbled upon at India's NID (National Institute of
Design) - during a course in Systems Thinking in 2018, wherein a number of archives were discovered left behind in various places in the campus - prompting an
interesting attempt to recover the archives by getting in touch with the original E.A.T. members and associates from the era.
I introduce this during the "Vulnerable Archives" section of the HACK4OPENGLAM session on Monday.